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2023-05-27 18:23:45 Published by Admin

LinkPhysics Corporation

LinkPhysics is the major supplier of Material analysis, Cryogenic, Magnetic, Vacuum and other related equipments to the Scientific, Research markets. We not only provide world class products sourced from many American, European companies, but also provide our customers with thorough and all-embracing solution and service.

All of our customers from academic institutions and government agencies through to commercial researchers - are provided with the highest levels of service backed up by solid technical support from our team of experienced engineers. LinkPhysics understands the real needs and wants of researchers and connects them with most innovative solutions, yet competitive in all aspect. So that we could find ways to tap into the vast local market potential for our principles.

The main products include: VSM/Cryogenic Vacuum Probe Stations/Hall Effect Systems/M81/Low temperature measurement equipment. 


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